General Information & Terms & Conditions -


EXHIBITORS – Must be members of the Montville Chamber of Commerce or invited by the Chamber to exhibit.  Exhibitors include venues and accommodation houses publicised as being open as a part of this event.

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE – Montville Chamber of Commerce has appropriate Insurance to cover the event.

STAFF – It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to man their stalls, if required, for the length of the event together with bump-in and bump-out.

BUMP IN is from Saturday, August 24 from 3pm or from Sunday, August 25 from 7:00am  BUMP OUT is from 4:00pm – 6:00pm

PARKING – Please do not take up valuable parking space in the vicinity of the Halls. Please move your car to the parking near the school or in the Russell Family Car Park.

STANDS – All stands to be set up prior to the expo opening at 9:30am.  Each exhibitor must contain their display and promotion of their product or service within their allocated space and must not intrude on other exhibitor areas.  Exhibitors are to provide all equipment for their display with the exception of a table and cloth which will be provided.

No items can be attached to walls of the venue by means of screws, nails or glue. All signage must be fixed or be free standing with weighted or pull up banners. It is the responsibility of every exhibitor to remove all general waste generated by their presence at the event and to assist in leaving the venue in a clean and tidy state at the end of the Expo.

ELECTRICITY – available for $25 including the use of an extension cord however there are limited outlets available so please do not expect to have power to your display unless you have paid the additional fee.


Please read the following terms and conditions that form part of your agreement with Montville Chamber of Commerce. Payment of the fee to exhibit acknowledges that exhibitors agree to these terms.

1.    The Exhibitor has agreed to attend the Expo and to display relevant merchandise in the designated site during operating times specified by the organiser. There will be no refund if a business decides not to exhibit as a part of the event.
2.    All vehicles on display within the exhibition must remain on site for the full duration as specified by the organiser (or by prior agreement).
3.    Each exhibitor is to maintain their presence and material within the allocated stand area in accordance with safety regulations.
4.    The exhibitor is to supply all materials, with the exception of a standard table and cloth, required for their display.
5.    Each exhibitor shall display and hand out only brochures and other advertising materials pertaining to the business registered for the Expo.  No publicity materials for other businesses may be handed out at the Expo.
6.    Exhibitors requiring electricity must ensure that electrical equipment has been tagged in the last 12 months. Any extension leads likewise must be tagged unless new. The MCOC will be responsible for connecting said lead to the overhead power supply. 
7.    Stands must not be dismantled before the conclusion of the event.
8.    Exhibitors and their families may not enter any prize draw pertaining to the Expo
9.    Except as stated herein, the organisers make no representations, conditions or warranties in relation to the exhibition.  Under no circumstance shall the organisers be liable in contract for any indirect, special or consequential damages caused by or arising out of the exhibition or cancellation of the exhibition, and the exhibitor shall indemnify and keep indemnified the organisers against all costs, damages, claims or proceedings whatsoever in respect thereof.
10.    The exhibitor will be liable for any damage to walls, floors, equipment or furniture of the building in which the exhibition is being held or any of the organisers’ or property’s material or equipment.
11.    The exhibitor shall pay the sum specified by the organisers to occupy the site during the term of the event.  Spaces will be allocated only upon full payment of exhibition fees.
12.    In the event that the organisers have to cancel, the organisers reserve the right to postpone or amend the stated dates of this exhibition (the organisers will give no less than 14 days notice of any such postponement, with the exception to extreme events such as severe weather).
13.    In the event that the exhibitor has to cancel within three months of the Expo, 50% of the stand fee will be forfeited. (From May 25- July 13) For cancellation within 6 weeks of the Expo, the full stand fee will be forfeited. (From July 14)
14.    The organisers reserve the right, in unforeseen circumstances, to re-allocate the space or the location of an exhibitor’s stand and the exhibitor can take no objection or make any claims for compensation or damages in relation to any allocation of the size or the space re-allocated by the organisers.  The exhibitor shall not assign or sub-let any part of the stand space without the consent of the organisers.
15.    Exhibitors should be aware that the marketing campaign implemented for the Expo is dependent on each and every exhibitor participating in getting the message to potential clients. Some commercial advertising and a concerted social media campaign will be committed to but this is limited by the overall budget as we aim to keep Expo costs as low as possible.  Subsequently, Montville Chamber of Commerce will accept no responsibility for the lack of attendance or loss of profit to any exhibitor.

General Information & Terms & Conditions -