Internationally renowned photographer Ben Connolly is one of the outstanding wedding professionals who will headline an immersive wedding expo at Montville August 25.

A Village Wedding Expo, showcasing the Sunshine Coast’s outstanding providers across bespoke marriage celebrations, will host the multi-award winning photographer and a select contingent of wedding specialists including exclusive venues, to jewellers, entertainers, celebrants, bridal wear and more.

“Montville is truly an exceptional location to create an unforgettable wedding experience,” the photographer said.

“Around each and every corner there is another aspect of enchantment that sets the scene for enduring images. Montville has a magical energy.”

That energy is reflected in the many award winning photographs Ben has produced – including three silver awards at the 2018 Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Awards.

In its eighth year, A Village Wedding Expo – to be held on August 25 – is supported by the Montville Chamber of Commerce and offers couples a specially selected gathering of professionals who all help bring to life the celebration of their dreams.

“We work with just two to three professionals across each arena to ensure our expo truly epitomises a Montville wedding experience,” Montville Chamber of Commerce President Shiralee Cooper.

Visitors will be able to meet with caterers, jewellers, event planners, accommodation providers, venues, photographers and videographers, florists, beauty experts, entertainers and more.

Set in Montville’s two heritage halls, on the Village Green and under the magnificent Moreton Bay Figs, the boutique event is now open to limited exhibitor opportunities with registrations closing soon.

To register as an exhibitor contact: